mm.Devices Off - Turn on or off all devices in Ableton Live

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Simple but powerful tool for mixing.

One mappable button to turn off and on any combination of:

Audio effects
MIDI effects
Instrument devices

In either:

The selected track(s)
The track the device is placed on
All tracks


11/05/2022 Version 2.0

Completely rewritten and with new features:

Only turns back on devices that were on in the first place.

Works with sends, turning them down to 0, and then back to their original state.

Has option to turn off devices and sends in the selected track(s). Place the device on the master, map it to a key and then quickly toggle devices and sends in the selected track.

11/1/2021 Version 1.2.1

If you have multiple mm.Device Offs in the set, they will not turn eachother off.

Also improved the switching when selecting which tracks you want to turn off effects in.

19/12/2021 Version 1.2.0

Turn On and Off buttons are now mappable

25/09/2021 Version 1.1.0

Added ability to turn off effects on the track that the device is on

20/08/2021 Version 1.0.1

Fixed bug that stopped the device working with MIDI effects

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Max for Live device that turns on and off devices

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mm.Devices Off - Turn on or off all devices in Ableton Live

7 ratings
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